Josh Evans




"Now Departing" Press Kit

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"Now Departing" Press Kit

With the death of his estranged father, Alex is forced to team up with his eccentric sister, Kate, in order to secure their father's wealthy inheritance. They embark on a multi-national road-trip that takes them from LA to London, Istanbul, and beyond.


Short Film, Color

Duration: 38 min 28 sec

Comedy / Drama

Completed: September 2016

Production Location: USA

Filming Location: England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey, USA

Language: English

Directed by: Joshua Evans

Written by: Joshua Evans

Starring: Joshua Evans, Stephanie Skewes

Director's Statement

"Now Departing" is my first film, and for my inaugural turn behind the camera, I decided to take it international.  With the help of my wife and co-star, Stephanie Evans, we've created this wonderful mid-length short film.  By 100% financing the film ourselves, it gave us 100% creative freedom... and with this freedom, we were able to film a story that truly spoke to two integral parts of our lives: the wonder of travel, and the complication of families.

Filmed in nine countries, we were limited to one Camera Operator, one Sound Technician, and two actors. Our self-financed, four-person team started production in Los Angeles, and continued shooting in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Israel, and Jordan.

Along the way we were able to shoot in beautiful locations (the Giant's Causeway in Belfast, the Highlands of Scotland, Pamukkale in Turkey), as well as capture some of the world's amazing man-made wonders and landmarks (Big Ben in London, the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Petra in Jordan). We were even fortunate enough to shoot at the first annual International Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Birmingham, England.

We hope to showcase a truly independent film (self-financed, written and directed by us, and filmed with the most bare-bones of equipment and personnel), and tell a touching story.  For not only is "Now Departing" a dramedy about family and loss, but a beautiful love-letter to traveling.



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Josh Evans (ALEX)

Stephanie Skewes (KATE)

Kate McGregor-Stewart (MOM)

Trevor Davis (MR. HOBBES)

David Wells (DAD)


Directed by Joshua Evans

Written by Joshua Evans

Produced by Joshua Evans

Music by Fil OK

Edited by Lynn Hobson

Sound by Grace Tejano

Sound Design by Patrick Salter

Camera by Matt Wood

Color by Matthew Hamby