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"Create the roles you want to play"

I always had this thought, rattling around in my head, but I was too afraid to believe it.  Finally, I took my own advice.  Turned out, it was some of the best advice I ever took.  Now I write, produce, and direct many of my own projects.  With the technology becoming more and more accessible to the actor, I simply ran out of excuses to feed myself as to why I wasn't making my own stuff.  With a handful of projects under my belt, I find it incredibly exciting, and with each new project I get to sneak a peek at yet another aspect of this complex industry.

Welcome to

Skewed Evans Productions

A multi-media company specializing in short film, online comedy sketches, and children's theatre.

You can find some of our projects below, or you can visit our company website for a complete listing of activities:

"Now Departing"


With the death of his estranged father, Alex is forced to team up with his eccentric sister, Kate, in order to secure their father's wealthy inheritance. They embark on a multi-national road-trip that takes them from LA to London, Istanbul, and beyond.

Filmed in nine countries, we were limited to one Camera Operator, one Sound Technician, and two actors.

Our self-financed, four-person team started production in Los Angeles, and continued shooting in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Israel, and Jordan.  Along the way we were able to shoot in beautiful locations (the Giant's Causeway in Belfast, the hills of Scotland, Pamukkale in Turkey), as well as capture some of the world's amazing man-made wonders and landmarks (Big Ben in London, the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock in Israel, Petra in Jordan). We were even fortunate enough to shoot at the first annual International Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Birmingham, England.

"How far are you willing to travel for family... or money?"

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"Now Departing" on IMDb



Broken by life, Anna flees to Europe to try to make sense of what just happened.  Alone and silent, she falls deeper and deeper into her memories.  And her pain.

Again filming internationally, we were able to shoot in amazing locations such as Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, and the French Riviera.

This short film allowed us to play with the concept of time, shooting all the "present day" shots in Europe, and all of Anna's flashbacks in Los Angeles.  I took on the challenge of filming all of the European shots by myself, leaving the character of Anna as alone and isolated as possible.

"No matter how far you run, your past will always find you"

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Lonely T-Rex

Lonely T-Rex is a web-based comedy sketch group, created by Mary Mathers, Megan Lee Pyle, and myself.  Focusing on short, comedic sketches, we've been able to write, produce, direct, and act in our own material.

We will continue to write and film sketches until someone finds us funny.

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